Callously in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Callously

an adverb that describes an action done without concern or sympathy

Examples of Callously in a sentence

The thief callously grabbed the purse from the old lady and ran away.  🔊

She callously broke the news to her husband that she was leaving him.  🔊

He callously dismissed the idea without even considering it.  🔊

The company callously laid off hundreds of employees without warning.  🔊

She callously revealed her friend's secret to the whole group.  🔊

He callously threw away the letter without reading it.  🔊

The driver callously hit the pedestrian and drove away without stopping.  🔊

She callously told her children that their father had died without preparing them for the news.  🔊

He callously ignored his wife's pleas for help during the robbery.  🔊

He callously disregarded her feelings and walked away.  🔊

She callously dismissed his concerns and continued to talk over him.  🔊

He callously threw his empty soda can on the ground.  🔊

She callously ignored the homeless man who was asking for money.  🔊

He callously refused to help his friend when he needed it the most.  🔊

She callously tore up her ex-boyfriend's letter without reading it.  🔊

He callously discarded his old clothes without donating them.  🔊

She callously laughed at the idea of volunteering at a soup kitchen.  🔊

He callously ignored the rules and parked his car in a handicapped spot.  🔊

She callously brushed off her co-worker's suggestion without considering it.  🔊

He callously cheated on his girlfriend without feeling any guilt.  🔊

She callously refused to recycle and instead threw all her trash in the garbage.  🔊

He callously left his dog outside in the rain without shelter.  🔊

She callously stepped on the bug without giving it a second thought.  🔊

He callously cut in line at the grocery store without apologizing.  🔊

She callously spoke over her colleague during the meeting without letting her finish.  🔊

He callously left his dirty dishes on the table for someone else to clean.  🔊

She callously lied to her parents about where she was going without a second thought.  🔊

He callously broke the vase without offering to pay for it.  🔊

She callously interrupted the speaker during a presentation without raising her hand.  🔊

He callously ignored the "Do Not Touch" sign and touched the artwork in the museum.  🔊

She callously threw her cigarette butt on the ground without thinking about the environment.  🔊

He callously used his phone during a movie without turning it off.  🔊

She callously ignored the traffic rules and ran the red light without hesitation.  🔊

He callously used his work computer for personal use without asking permission.  🔊

She callously ate the last piece of cake without offering to share with anyone.  🔊

He callously ignored the "No Trespassing" sign and entered the private property.  🔊

She callously ignored her friend's text message without replying.  🔊

He callously threw his trash on the ground instead of using the trash can.  🔊

She callously lied to her boss about why she was late without remorse.  🔊

He callously ignored the warnings and went swimming in the dangerous waters.  🔊

She callously interrupted the other person's conversation without asking to join.  🔊

He callously ignored the speed limit and drove over the speed limit.  🔊

She callously cut in front of other drivers without signaling.  🔊

He callously ignored the "No Smoking" sign and lit up a cigarette.  🔊

She callously used someone else's belongings without asking for permission.  🔊

He callously ignored the instructions and assembled the furniture the wrong way.  🔊

She callously ignored her child's request for attention and continued to scroll through her phone.  🔊

He callously threw his gum on the sidewalk instead of disposing of it properly.  🔊

She callously ignored her responsibilities and spent the day playing video games.  🔊

He callously pushed his way through the crowd without saying "excuse me".  🔊

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