Cleaning in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cleaning

the process of removing dirt, dust, and other unwanted substances from a surface or object

Examples of Cleaning in a sentence

Despite her busy schedule, Lucy manages to find time for regular cleaning and organization.  🔊

Samantha was proud of herself for tackling the cleaning on her own.  🔊

The cleaning crew arrives every Monday morning to maintain the office.  🔊

The process of cleaning the gutters on the roof was a messy but necessary task.  🔊

As the designated housekeeper, Aaron was responsible for cleaning the entire house.  🔊

After the party, Olivia and I spent hours cleaning the living room and dining area.  🔊

Cleaning the kitchen can be a tedious task, especially when there are piles of dirty dishes.  🔊

Elizabeth carefully scrubbed the counters while cleaning the kitchen.  🔊

After spending the entire day at the office, Olivia returned home to find that her roommate had already begun the cleaning process.  🔊

Despite the frequent cleaning, the old carpet in the living room still managed to retain a musty smell.  🔊

After the party, John spent hours cleaning the house.  🔊

When I checked the oven, I found that Jessica had already done the cleaning for me.  🔊

It's important to use the right cleaning products for different surfaces to avoid damaging them.  🔊

As part of their weekly routine, the Smith family always took turns cleaning the house on Saturdays.  🔊

The house was so dirty that it took several days of cleaning to get everything in order.  🔊

The cleaning solution used on the bathroom tiles left a strong, chemical smell that lingered for hours.  🔊

The company's new cleaning robot has been a game-changer, making the job much easier and faster.  🔊

After dinner, Samantha decided to tackle the cleaning of the kitchen.  🔊

Cleaning the gutters on the roof is one of the more dangerous tasks in home maintenance.  🔊

Despite his best efforts, Kyle couldn't seem to get rid of the stubborn stain on the kitchen counter, no matter how much scrubbing and cleaning he did.  🔊

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