Carafe in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Carafe

a large pitcher or container used to hold a beverage or wine

Examples of Carafe in a sentence

Since we were drinking glass after glass of the Dom Perignon, we decided to ask the waiter to leave the carafe of the wine at the table since we still wanted more.  🔊

Going around the restaurant and pouring water from the carafe into each goblet was the youngest waiter’s duty since it was the easiest job to do.  🔊

After pushing down on the lever with his thumb, the carafe’s lid opened up away from the spout revealing a few quarts of coffee inside.  🔊

Most people at the bed and breakfast must have requested orange juice since the orange liquid could be seen in a gallon jug whereas a carafe of apple juice could only be poured into a few glasses.  🔊

While hosting a dinner party for her friends, the hostess served either iced tea or coffee from a different carafe sitting on the table.  🔊

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