Caterwaul in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Caterwaul

a shrill wailing or screeching noise

Examples of Caterwaul in a sentence

The caterwaul the cats outside were making grated on my ears and made me wish I had earplugs. 🔊

A woman with long nails can create a piercing caterwaul if she scratches them on a chalkboard. 🔊

A car can sometimes produce a caterwaul sound when it slams on brakes at high speeds. 🔊

The wind will sometimes produce a caterwaul when it blows through the branches of trees, which can be a little creepy at night. 🔊

I thought I heard a woman wailing in the alley last night, but when I checked out the disturbance it turned out the caterwaul was caused only by a cat. 🔊

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