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Definition of Chattel

personal property that can be relocated

Examples of Chattel in a sentence

In many countries, the woman has no rights and is considered to be the husband’s chattel.  🔊

When Frank decided to become a monk, he gave away every piece of his chattel including his paintings and fine watches.  🔊

Jane saw her dog as a family member and not as chattel.  🔊

While Carol lost the house in her divorce, she was allowed to keep any chattel she purchased while being married to Doug.  🔊

The only chattel I actually own is my car.  🔊

A slave was once considered to be an owner’s chattel.  🔊

The king saw his daughter as chattel and had no problem selling her to the highest bidding nobleman.  🔊

During the divorce proceedings, the husband claimed his wife’s constant moving made their son feel like chattel.  🔊

The farmer’s lot of chattel included twelve horses, fifteen pigs, and thirty chickens.  🔊

When Carl moved to a different state, his chattel was so scarce he did not have to rent a moving truck.  🔊

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