Cheeky in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cheeky

impudent or unapologetic but in a generally charming way

Examples of Cheeky in a sentence

The third grader was extremely cheeky, rarely referring to the teacher as ‘Mr. Walters’ rather than ‘gramps,’ but it was somewhat endearing.  🔊

Someone who is cheeky is usually a bit young, as disrespectful adults are rarely ever viewed in a positive light.  🔊

You can be a little cheeky with your teacher when you are a child, but you can never disrespect your boss if you want to keep your job.  🔊

My son can be a little cheeky at times, but I don’t get too mad unless he flat out disobeys me on something important.  🔊

A cheeky youngster may give an adult a somewhat disrespectful yet endearing nickname like ‘old man’ or ‘Pops.’  🔊

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