Desecrate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Desecrate

to treat a sacred place or object with disrespect

Examples of Desecrate in a sentence

Having a party in a cemetery at night is one way to desecrate the resting place of the dead. 🔊

Do not desecrate the temple by speaking loudly during your visit. 🔊

The graffiti artist hopes gangs will not desecrate his art by painting over it. 🔊

Are you really going to desecrate the tribe’s burial ground by building a hotel on this property? 🔊

Although I have no wish to desecrate this holy book, I do want to separate the pages in order to verify the book’s date of creation. 🔊

Because the priests are knowledgeable men, they will not desecrate the holy chambers. 🔊

I do not understand why anyone would desecrate another person’s grave by destroying the headstone. 🔊

During the war, the invading soldiers tried to desecrate the churches and museums by painting skulls on the walls. 🔊

The teenage boy ignored peer pressure and refused to desecrate the flag inside the school building. 🔊

If you desecrate the veterans’ memorial, you will be arrested. 🔊

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