Dishonor in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dishonor

to defame or humiliate

Examples of Dishonor in a sentence

Marrying someone outside of their religion would dishonor the young man’s family, so he married a Jewish girl to stay in his family’s good graces.  🔊

Releasing confidential information about the U.S. army led to the soldier’s dishonor which caused people to look at him in disgust.  🔊

After living a reckless life and having no education, the girl did dishonor her family because all of her siblings had graduated from college.  🔊

When the news reported of a company’s accountant stealing money from his clients, his actions did dishonor the company’s name.  🔊

The air traffic controllers seemed to dishonor their occupations when it was publicly reported that these people were sleeping on the job.  🔊

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