Contumely in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Contumely

unpleasant behavior or language

Examples of Contumely in a sentence

Although my sister is a very nice person, she will speak with contumely when she is angry.  🔊

As the prisoner was dragged out of court, he shouted contumely and made threats against the sentencing judge.  🔊

The teacher did not appreciate the student speaking to her while using contumely.  🔊

When I met my ex-husband’s new wife, I treated her to a great deal of contumely because she destroyed my happy life.  🔊

The Christian left the auditorium as soon as she realized the comedy show was an act of contumely and not a humorous tribute to God.  🔊

The television network felt the show’s dialogue contained contumely that was inappropriate for its young viewers.  🔊

It was so unlike the priest to use contumely in his weekly address to the congregation.  🔊

Even at the neighborhood bar, patrons were disturbed by Rick’s use of contumely to describe his wife.  🔊

The judge commanded the witness to stop offending the jury with his contumely about the defendant’s sex life.  🔊

When my coworker made a contumely about my breast size, I reported him to the school’s human resources department.  🔊

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