Clamor in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Clamor

to ask for loudly

Examples of Clamor in a sentence

As soon as the people learn about the little boy’s murder, they are going to clamor for justice.  🔊

Production companies release movie trailers so people will be intrigued and clamor to watch the entire film.  🔊

When I am working in my home office, my kids often clamor for my attention by screaming my name.  🔊

The arrest of the town’s deputies has caused the public to clamor for an investigation of the sheriff’s department.  🔊

During the annual meeting, the disappointed shareholders are expected to clamor for the president’s resignation.  🔊

The clamor for season tickets began as soon as the soccer fans learned their favorite player was returning to their team.  🔊

While my teenage daughter will clamor for chips and soda, she will never ask for green beans and salad.  🔊

The hungry restaurant patrons began to clamor for their food.  🔊

Even as people clamor for lower gas prices, they continue to exhaust the world’s supply of fuel.  🔊

After the band played only a ten-minute set, the concert attendees began to clamor for a refund.  🔊

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