Voluptuous in a Sentence  šŸ”Š

Definition of Voluptuous

displaying luxury and giving pleasure to the senses

Examples of Voluptuous in a sentence

Every once in a while I like to treat myself to the voluptuous indulgence of a spa weekend.  šŸ”Š

Clearly a woman of elegance, her bedroom had a voluptuous quality with its silk sheets and velvet drapes.  šŸ”Š

Although I love to experience a voluptuous evening out at the theater and an expensive dinner, I also enjoy the simple pleasure of watching the sun rise or hearing birds sing.  šŸ”Š

Because he was initially attracted to her voluptuous lifestyle, he had only himself to blame for the bills she was racking up at the high end department stores.  šŸ”Š

If Matt wants to continue indulging his voluptuous cravings, he is going to have to find a job that pays him more.  šŸ”Š

I keep this book on my coffee table so that I can readily browse through the voluptuous illustrations whenever Iā€™m in the mood to daydream.  šŸ”Š

Even though the peaches looked like they would be a voluptuous treat, they were actually dry and tasteless.  šŸ”Š

Marcie was planning an amazing meal for her dinner party, and she needed to find a voluptuous wine that would set it off perfectly.  šŸ”Š

Marilyn Monroe was famed for her voluptuous beauty, her kittenish voice, and her dumb blonde persona.  šŸ”Š

With its soft, candlelit ambience, soothing music, and delicious aromas, this restaurant is a voluptuous banquet for all the senses.  šŸ”Š

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