Complicity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Complicity

the condition of being involved in an act of wrongdoing

Examples of Complicity in a sentence

Your complicity in the crime is probably going to earn you five years in prison.  🔊

Since I did not have any complicity in the case, it was easy for my lawyer to get me released from jail.  🔊

The politician blamed the fraud on his staff members and refused to accept any complicity for the financial deception.  🔊

Although Jack did not rob the store, he will be charged with complicity in the crime because he gave his friends the alarm code.  🔊

Because the bartender kept selling drinks to the intoxicated man, she is being indicted for complicity in drunk driving.  🔊

When Jill told the police she knew about the murder beforehand, she was charged with complicity and sentenced to two years in prison.  🔊

Keith was guilty of complicity when he purposefully left the computer store open so his friends could steal laptops.  🔊

Since everyone knows John hated his wife, no one is surprised he is suspected of complicity in her murder.  🔊

The storeowner was charged with complicity in the bombing because he sold the chemicals to the suspects without asking for identification.  🔊

Even if you only drove the getaway car, you can still be charged with complicity in the bank robbery.  🔊

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