Conflagration in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Conflagration

conflict or war

Examples of Conflagration in a sentence

Although you are angry at her, do not let such a small argument turn into a huge conflagration.  🔊

It seems as though the conflagration in the Middle East has been going on for centuries.  🔊

How many military troops are currently involved in the conflagration in Afghanistan?  🔊

After the treaty is signed, the conflagration between the two countries will come to an end.  🔊

The conflagration between the teachers and the school board has led to a teacher strike.  🔊

Hopefully, the two political parties will end their conflagration and pass the budget bill soon.  🔊

Janice and her former husband have been involved in a custody conflagration over their children for nearly two years now.  🔊

Although most of the elementary school students are well-behaved, occasionally there is a small conflagration on the playground during recess.  🔊

The dictator of that small country is always threatening the world with nuclear conflagration.  🔊

Because my mother died before writing her will, settling her estate was a source of conflagration for the entire family.  🔊

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