Vengeance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vengeance

revenge for a wrong

Examples of Vengeance in a sentence

When Jim did not get the justice he thought he deserved in court, he got his own vengeance by shooting his attacker.  🔊

The murdered girl’s parents wanted vengeance in the form of the death penalty.  🔊

After Will was fired for no reason, he sought vengeance by vandalizing his former supervisor’s vehicle.  🔊

Everyone who sought vengeance against the crooked politician had a motive to kill him.  🔊

When a gang member shot the leader of a rival gang, he fled town to avoid his enemy’s vengeance.  🔊

The police officer was arrested for seeking vengeance against the man who killed his wife.  🔊

Even if the kidnapper safely returns the mob boss’s daughter, he should still expect vengeance from the crime lord.  🔊

Evan’s desire for vengeance led him to purchase a gun.  🔊

Once my attacker had been prosecuted and sentenced to prison, my longing for vengeance was fulfilled.  🔊

The woman got vengeance on her cheating husband by burning all his clothes.  🔊

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