Conniving in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Conniving

discreetly working to complete a dishonest task

Examples of Conniving in a sentence

Alan’s wife is a conniving woman who only married him for his money. 🔊

For a large score, the conniving con man was even willing to fake his death. 🔊

The conniving fox offered to give the tired hen a ride home. 🔊

Because I knew how conniving my rival was, I suspected she was not at my birthday party to be kind. 🔊

The conniving killer gained access to his victims’ homes by pretending to be a police officer. 🔊

As the president looked around the boardroom, he wondered which of his conniving employees was selling company secrets. 🔊

Carol’s conniving husband was arrested for plotting her murder. 🔊

Because the spoiled girl really wanted to be homecoming queen, she asked her conniving girlfriends to manipulate the ballot box. 🔊

The sleazy lawyer is a conniving man who does not hesitate to break the law for his clients. 🔊

In an attempt to take the king’s throne, the conniving knight placed poison in the royal water pitcher. 🔊

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