Conservatorship in a Sentence 

Definition of Conservatorship  

the system were someone is legally appointed to haveownership of a legal ward’s property

Examples of Conservatorship in a sentence

While John was in a coma, the court appointed conservatorship of all his property to his brother Bill.  
Because he was under conservatorship, the all of the property the child would one day own was currently owned by a legally appointed adult.  
Someone that is a ward of the government, but is not able to own property for one reason or another, is usually put under conservatorship, where someone who can owns it in their stead until later.  
Because her mother is suffering from dementia and can no longer oversee her own affairs, Pamela is pressing for conservatorship of her homestead.  
Because Kylier is too young to legally own the property of her deceased parents, the court decided conservatorship was the best way to preserve her assets.  

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