Opportunity cost in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Opportunity cost

a benefit or profit that must be given up in order to gain something else

Examples of Opportunity cost in a sentence

1. My mother explained she could not buy two snacks and that popcorn would be our opportunity cost if we chose to get candy. 🔉

2. Samantha looks at the money should would save living in a cheaper place as the opportunity cost of owning a nice home. 🔉

3. Being able to spend their own earned money is an opportunity cost given up by some housewives. 🔉

4. Because the city decided to build a new hospital instead of a park, the planned playground will end up an opportunity cost. 🔉

5. We can only go on one vacation this summer, so a trip to the mountains was ruled an opportunity cost when went to Disney World. 🔉

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