Vindictive in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vindictive

having or showing a desire to hurt someone who has hurt or caused problems for you

Examples of Vindictive in a sentence

My aunt is a vindictive woman who once burned all my uncle’s clothes. 🔊

Although Harry claims he is not a vindictive person, he seemed pretty happy when he heard his abusive boss was getting fired. 🔊

Katy’s vindictive nature led her to slash the tires on her ex-husband’s car. 🔊

When you practice “an eye for an eye”, you are being a vindictive person who retaliates in kind. 🔊

I cannot believe you are so vindictive you would spread a nasty rumor about me! 🔊

After reading the cutting article, Virginia was certain the editor was being vindictive towards her. 🔊

Throwing eggs at your neighbor’s house because he drove into your flowerbed is an example of vindictive behavior. 🔊

While I am angry with Victoria, I will not be vindictive and make up lies about her. 🔊

The defense attorney asked the jury to ignore the vindictive testimony of the defendant’s ex-girlfriend. 🔊

When John got suspended from school, he showed a vindictive side of his personality by putting a nail in one of the principal’s car tires. 🔊

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