Contextualize in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Contextualize

to put something in proper perspective

Examples of Contextualize in a sentence

If a friend enters a conversation you are having halfway through it, you may have to contextualize it before he knows what you are talking about. 🔊

Because you can be talking about science fiction or reality, you should contextualize the situation when discussing space travel. 🔊

Jumping into a story halfway is a bad idea because you will have skipped all of the important information that is used to contextualize the setting. 🔊

Having no idea what my friend was talking about when I first entered his conversation, I asked him to contextualize it for me.  🔊

I was worried about those kids that were talking about guns until they made to contextualize the situation and specify that they were talking about a game.  🔊

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