Malapropism in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Malapropism

a comical misuse of a word that resembles another term in sound

Examples of Malapropism in a sentence

In class, everyone laughed at Bill’s malapropism when he complained about electrical votes instead of electoral votes. 🔊

Jane was so nervous during the debate she did not realize she had made a malapropism until her opponent made a joke about her word use. 🔊

When April tried to be witty by using a malapropism in her speech, she realized her word humor fell flat with the serious group of people. 🔊

As everyone laughed at the funny sentence, the president apologized for the malapropism made by his twisted tongue. 🔊

The comedian’s act consists of him using one malapropism after another to make the audience laugh at his word choices. 🔊

For an example of a malapropism, my witty husband said that having only one wife equaled monotony instead of monogamy. 🔊

The prime minister’s poor speaking ability led him to make at least one ridiculous malapropism during his media conferences. 🔊

In her paper about allergy season, Janice wrote a malapropism when she typed sciences instead of sinuses. 🔊

The boy’s speech impairment sometimes causes him to mix up words like moss and moths in a malapropism. 🔊

While Gary thought his malapropism was humorous, the principal did not share his humor and suspended him for his obscene word blunder. 🔊

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