Myopia in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Myopia

a restrictive view or an absence of forethought

Examples of Myopia in a sentence

The doctor’s myopia would not allow him to consider any diagnosis other than his own.  🔊

As long as the elderly executives have myopia and refuse to utilize social media, they will continue to see their profits fall.  🔊

Do not let your myopia prevent you from taking risks that could be quite profitable in the long run.  🔊

Because the studios have myopia and will not abandon their old ways, they refuse to fund a film that does not have an A-List actor involved.  🔊

The monk’s myopia allowed him to easily ignore the temptations of the outside world.  🔊

Because of the Chin’s cultural myopia, they will not support their daughter’s marriage to a man outside of their race.  🔊

The negative article about the president highlights the liberal magazine’s myopia of the executive officer.  🔊

After the men rescued the girl from the cult, they replaced her programmed myopia with a worldly outlook on life.  🔊

My husband’s myopia prevents him from being able to see value in anyone else’s opinion.  🔊

As long as Peggy does everything her boyfriend says, she will have myopia and be unable to recognize her own identity.  🔊

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