Prurient in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Prurient

experiencing an undue amount of interest in things relating to sex

Examples of Prurient in a sentence

The prurient teenager would not stop looking at the adult magazines in the store. 🔊

When the prurient minister criticized the fairytale for being too sexual in nature, many people were outraged. 🔊

The pedophile has a prurient interest in sex with children. 🔊

Because Jared’s short stories contained prurient plots about prostitutes, his teacher called his parents in for a conference. 🔊

I became concerned about my neighbor’s prurient curiosity when I caught him peeking through my bathroom window. 🔊

As soon as the strange shoe salesman showed a prurient interest in my feet, I ran from the shop. 🔊

Gail’s prurient fascination with the Congressman’s extramarital affair has her constantly checking the online news sites. 🔊

Since Jill does not want her daughter to have a prurient curiosity, she does not allow her to watch movies with sexual themes. 🔊

Local Christian leaders are trying to have books of a prurient nature removed from the public library. 🔊

To appease his prurient desires, Tom often wears his wife’s lingerie. 🔊

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