Cringing in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cringing

a feeling of discomfort or embarrassment, usually accompanied by a physical reaction, such as wincing or shrinking away

Examples of Cringing in a sentence

He felt his face heating up, cringing at the thought of making a fool of himself.  🔊

I watched the horror movie, cringing at every jump scare.  🔊

She listened to his cheesy pickup lines, cringing in embarrassment.  🔊

He saw the state of his messy room, cringing at the mess.  🔊

I tasted the burnt food, cringing at the bitter flavor.  🔊

She watched the train wreck of a performance, cringing at every awkward moment.  🔊

He heard his parents arguing, cringing at their harsh words.  🔊

I read the typo-filled email, cringing at the poor grammar.  🔊

She saw the spider crawling on the wall, cringing in fear.  🔊

He listened to the awful music, cringing at the noise.  🔊

I touched the slimy substance, cringing at the texture.  🔊

She watched the car crash in slow motion, cringing at the impact.  🔊

He heard the high-pitched scream, cringing at the sound.  🔊

I smelled the stinky cheese, cringing at the pungent odor.  🔊

She watched the awkward first date, cringing at their awkward conversation.  🔊

He heard the badly-sung karaoke, cringing at the off-key notes.  🔊

I tasted the sour milk, cringing at the disgusting flavor.  🔊

She watched the clumsy dancer, cringing at every misstep.  🔊

He heard the loud, shrill whistle, cringing at the piercing sound.  🔊

I felt the rough sandpaper, cringing at the scratchy texture.  🔊

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