Crux in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Crux

the key feature or point of a matter

Examples of Crux in a sentence

The crux of the debate is each candidate’s position on the budget issue.  🔊

If the scientist does not find the crux of the mutation, he will never be able to cure the disease.  🔊

The crux of Janet’s depressive personality is a hormone imbalance.  🔊

Once I heard the crux of my teacher’s lecture, I left class.  🔊

The crux of April’s inability to get pregnant is her husband’s low sperm count.  🔊

At the crux of the war is one country’s desire to take the land of a bordering nation.  🔊

My alcoholic father is quick to say the crux of his problem is his awful family.  🔊

According to the defense attorney, the crux of the prosecutor’s case is contaminated evidence.  🔊

The crux of the traffic jam is the overturned shelter van and its loose dogs.  🔊

When Jake was asked about his failure to complete the project, he cited an illness as the crux of his problem.  🔊

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