Correlate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Correlate

having a shared connection in which one factor influences another

Examples of Correlate in a sentence

Studies show intelligence is unique to each person and does not correlate to a specific race or gender.  🔊

In economics, the supply and the demand normally correlate because one factor determines the other element.  🔊

Your doctor will tell you that obesity and a lack of exercise correlate with health problems.  🔊

Over the years, scientists have proven that smoking does indeed correlate with cancer.  🔊

Researchers have proved unemployment and poverty are two factors that correlate with crime.  🔊

When the physician looked at the lab results, he saw it confirmed his suspicion that the increased number of white blood cells did correlate with the presence of the disease.  🔊

How does parent involvement correlate with student grades?  🔊

It will not take the experienced accountant long to correlate the decrease in sales with the decrease in profit.  🔊

Because Henrietta is adopted, her looks will not correlate with the physical appearance of her adoptive family.  🔊

Recent media headlines prove income class does not always correlate with criminal behavior.  🔊

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