Damper in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Damper

someone or something that has a depressing effect on people

Examples of Damper in a sentence

Bill has always been a damper, bringing down the mood with his pessimism and angst.  🔊

The bad weather that was going to keep us from going on our filed trip was a real damper, essentially ruining everything.  🔊

Nothing puts a damper on picnic plans for the weekend like storm clouds and rain, though I suppose snow could be equally upsetting as well.  🔊

I do not intend to put a damper on everyone’s mood all the time, but I find that I have to point out the obvious facts even if they ruin everyone’s mood.  🔊

There was a damper on my spirits as I realized that I would probably never see my dog again, since he had been missing for over a month.  🔊

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