Dashiki in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Dashiki

a colorful decorative tunic originating from Africa

Examples of Dashiki in a sentence

When the cultural festival presented Ethiopian dancers dressed in a dashiki and equally vibrant pants, they grabbed everyone’s attention in the audience. 🔊

Since the fashion designer was displaying her ethnic line of clothing, the model walked down the runway wearing a vivid patterned dress similar to a dashiki but longer in length. 🔊

Due to the length and brightly colored dashiki, the woman paired it with black leggings so that her pants would be a solid dark color. 🔊

For Black History month, many students wore multi-colored long clothing including a dashiki, a skirt, or long flowy pants.  🔊

Choosing to wear a long dashiki over her long skirt demonstrated her ethnic pride to her African heritage.  🔊

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