Salon in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Salon

a lovely room usually in the front part of a house used for welcoming and amusing visitors

Examples of Salon in a sentence

After purchasing the mansion, the homeowners first decorated the salon since that is the place their friends would most likely be entertained.  🔊

The guests were quickly directed to the salon where they mingled and drank their cocktails until all of the dinner guests arrived.  🔊

Historians could tell that many important handshakes took place in the salon of the prominent historical house.  🔊

As new members of the church, a couple came to our home and sat in our salon to talk to us about the activities and beliefs of the church.  🔊

Decorated with ornate tapestries and several plush sofas, the young man felt a little underdressed sitting in the salon waiting for the businessman to enter the room.  🔊

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