Clay in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Clay

sediment that is made up of particles smaller than silt

Examples of Clay in a sentence

In art class, we had to make a sculpture out of clay and then heat it in the kiln so it would harden into a solid piece.  🔊

If there is a lot of rain in a place full of dirt, the dirt will feel like clay afterwards, though on a technicality it is nothing more than wet dirt.  🔊

You most commonly find clay in art classrooms, where it is used to make sculptures since it is so easily manipulated and molded.  🔊

A piece of clay looks like wet dirt, but it is soft and sticky, staying together and able to be molded into different shapes.  🔊

If you’ve ever lived in an area that had a lot of red clay, you’ve probably stained your hands with the sticky dirt whenever you played with it.  🔊

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