Tumultuous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tumultuous

loud, excited, and

Examples of Tumultuous in a sentence

The soldiers returned home to a tumultuous welcome from their friends and family.  🔊

When the young actress won the biggest award of the night, the audience filled the room with tumultuous applause.  🔊

Security found it difficult to control the tumultuous mob during the parade.  🔊

On New Year’s Eve there is a tumultuous celebration in the city square.  🔊

I could barely hear the music because of the tumultuous crowd at the concert.  🔊

Although the famous actor hoped to make it to his plane unnoticed, he was met by tumultuous fans at the airport entrance.  🔊

The politician’s speech was followed by tumultuous booing from the upset voters.  🔊

When the party became too tumultuous, the police were called.  🔊

The fans gave a tumultuous cheer when their football team won the championship for the first time in twenty years.  🔊

Despite the noise from my tumultuous neighbors, I slept really well last night.  🔊

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