Despair in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Despair

Examples of Despair in a sentence

Helpless and alone, the prisoner of war fell victim to a deep despair. 🔊

His loneliness and despair had reached new highs, driving him to commit suicide.  🔊

Losing his father was hard enough, but losing his mother one week later caused him to fall into deep despair. 🔊

Bankrupt, out of work, and no relief in sight, the man felt himself overcome with despair.  🔊

She would have been justified to feel a sense of despair after losing her family, but instead she felt the need to keep going.  🔊

After failing for the hundredth time, he could not help but despair.  🔊

Her last hope had fallen through, leaving her to despair.  🔊

Despite the fact that he had lost everything, he would not let himself despair.  🔊

Do not despair, for as long as you still live there is hope.  🔊

Rather than despair, the man was convinced to use this loss as motivation to work even harder.  🔊

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