Lugubrious in a Sentence

Definition of Lugubrious

looking or sounding sad and gloomy

Use Lugubrious in a sentence

In his first novel, the mysterious postman is the perfect example of a lugubrious character.

Although Clarissa initially enjoyed the play, she later fell asleep during the lead actor’s lugubrious monologue.

Surrounded by dark clouds, the isolated barn made the perfect inspiration for the poet’s lugubrious poem.

Just because I’m a bit down today doesn’t mean I’m in a lugubrious mood!

After his wife left him, he walked around in a lugubrious condition for months.

To ease the lugubrious atmosphere in the church, Tom told a few religious jokes.

Franklin despised his job at the ketchup plant so he always had a lugubrious look on his face at work.

Because of you, my lugubrious heart will never love again!

Considering the sad state of the world, it is not surprising the news is always filled with such lugubrious reports.

Sadly, when the world realized Marilyn Monroe’s beautiful smile hid her lugubrious thoughts, it was too late.

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