Destitute in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Destitute

utterly lacking

Examples of Destitute in a sentence

1. Even though I grew up in a destitute family, it did not stop me from attending an Ivy League school 🔉

2. The heiress could think of nothing worse than being destitute. 🔉

3. If you do not save your money when you are young, you may be destitute in your old age. 🔉

4. Because of the economy, many who were once rich are now destitute. 🔉

5. The man holding the sign on the corner is destitute and homeless. 🔉

6. When my father left my mother for another woman, he left our family completely destitute. 🔉

7. The destitute widow had no idea how she was going to buy food for her five children. 🔉

8. Because of the rain drought, the lake is nearly destitute of water. 🔉

9. Our church is doing everything it can to help the destitute families in our community find food and shelter. 🔉

10. Despite winning two million dollars in the lottery last year, my cousin is now destitute and is being evicted from her home. 🔉

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