Detrimental in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Detrimental

producing harm or damage

Examples of Detrimental in a sentence

My grandmother still does not own a microwave because she believes the radiation could be detrimental to her health. 🔊

Although Jan enjoys smoking cigarettes, she does know the habit is detrimental to her physical wellbeing. 🔊

The government has the authority to imprison anyone it deems as being detrimental to the country’s safety. 🔊

According to my doctor, eating improperly is detrimental to your health. 🔊

Robert’s addiction to the pills was not only detrimental to his health but also to his career. 🔊

Because Jane was concerned having a gun in the house would be detrimental to her family’s safety, she insisted her husband keep the weapon locked in a safe. 🔊

The lack of rain will have a detrimental effect on the corn crops this year. 🔊

If the hunters are not monitored, they will become detrimental to the deer population. 🔊

The lies Frank told his wife were detrimental to their marriage and eventually landed the couple in divorce court. 🔊

Throwing trash in the ocean is detrimental to the marine ecosystem. 🔊

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