Somber in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Somber

grim or miserable

Examples of Somber in a sentence

When I saw the doctor’s somber expression, I knew my diagnosis was not a good one.  🔊

Sometimes the news is so somber I turn off the television.  🔊

After Bill was unexpectedly fired, he was in a somber mood for weeks.  🔊

The funeral hall was filled with somber faces.  🔊

Although the day appears bright and sunny, the weatherman says the sky will soon be filled with somber clouds.  🔊

What kind of person enjoys reading somber articles about death and destruction?  🔊

Because Jane was feeling poorly on her birthday, she looked pretty somber during her party.  🔊

We took William’s somber look to mean he had not gotten the promotion at work.  🔊

After the home team lost the big game, the stands were filled with somber fans.  🔊

Mary found it difficult to look into Carl’s somber eyes when he talked about his dead wife.  🔊

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