Imminent in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Imminent

likely to occur at any moment

Examples of Imminent in a sentence

When the Secret Service arrived, everyone knew the president’s arrival was imminent. 🔊

The hurricane is imminent and has homeowners rushing to board up their windows.  🔊

Despite what the scientist said, the volcano eruption is not imminent so do not be concerned! 🔊

Some people thought it was funny when the media predicted the imminent death of the drug-addicted celebrity.  🔊

Although the basketball team’s manager has discussed making the star player an offer, no decision is imminent because of the hiring freeze.  🔊

The firemen told us it was safe to leave the building slowly because we were not in imminent danger.  🔊

Because the swat team just arrived on the scene, it is likely a confrontation between the robbers and the police is imminent.  🔊

Without some type of government funding, the closing of the school is imminent.  🔊

Even though Sarah had been bit by a snake, she was not in imminent danger because the snake was not poisonous.  🔊

Since it was obvious from the dark clouds that a storm was imminent, Melvin brought his dog in for the night.  🔊

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