Disapprove in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Disapprove

to reject or refuse something

Examples of Disapprove in a sentence

When Sarah’s boyfriend came in to meet her parents, she knew they would instantly disapprove of him due to his many tattoos, obnoxious attitude and unemployment status. 🔊

Since so many citizens disapprove of the country going to war, the country’s leader decided to give peace a chance. 🔊

Even though the baby alligator was cute, we knew our mother would disapprove of keeping it as a pet since he would grow up to become a dangerous animal. 🔊

The teacher seemed to disapprove of her student’s outfit since it was too tight and violated the dress code. 🔊

Doctors frequently disapprove of their patients eating unhealthy and exercising infrequently since it can lead to medical problems. 🔊

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