Disdain in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Disdain

lack of respect with a feeling of dislike

Examples of Disdain in a sentence

During the exam, my teacher looked at me with disdain when I attempted to glance at my neighbor's test. 🔊

I hold major disdain for people that want something for nothing. 🔊

With your disdain for reading, are you sure you want to become a writer? 🔊

When the politician attacked the separation of church and state, he showed clear disdain for the constitution. 🔊

People hold the secretary in complete disdain for his lavish purchase of a $30,000 desk on the public dime. 🔊

You risk disdain and banishment from your parents by getting pregnant at age 14. 🔊

The woman looked at her male abuser with disdain as he walked into the courtroom. 🔊

I won't snitch on you, but I will glare at you with disdain until you come clean about your affair. 🔊

I consider myself an Independent, as I find disdain with Democrats and Republicans. 🔊

Protesting in the middle of the freeway is not a way to express your disdain for any cause whatsoever. 🔊

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