Disprove in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Disprove

to prove that something is not true

Examples of Disprove in a sentence

Many brilliant scientists in the past had to work to disprove the widely held notions of the public in their lifetimes, such as the shape of the world or what the universe revolves around.  🔊

In an attempt to disprove the lies of my rival, I searched for evidence that would support what I knew to be true.  🔊

At one point in the past, scientists had to disprove the widely held belief that the world was flat, which is strange considering how obvious that is to us today.  🔊

If you want to disprove a story told by another person you will need evidence to convince everyone that it is untrue.  🔊

There are some things that are impossible to disprove because there is no real evidence for or against them in the first place.  🔊

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