Leery in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Leery

suspicious or guarded

Examples of Leery in a sentence

The dog was leery of the man with the large stick. 🔊

If you are leery of going into the old house alone, you should have a male friend accompany you. 🔊

In this day and age, computer viruses are everywhere so people should be leery of emails from strangers. 🔊

Be leery of those too good to be true hotel offers because they are often timeshare scams. 🔊

Voters are leery of politicians who promise to change the world overnight. 🔊

Since Helen is leery of going into the bar alone, I am going with her. 🔊

Many people are leery of selling their homes because of the poor real estate market. 🔊

Because Jim is a recovering drug addict, he is leery of taking any medicine that has not been prescribed by his doctor. 🔊

Heather and Pete were leery of the nanny candidate who could not provide them with real references. 🔊

Even if you are eager to lose weight, you should still be leery of quick weight loss promises. 🔊

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