Dulcet in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dulcet

comforting and sweet

Examples of Dulcet in a sentence

It does not take long for the baby to be comforted by his mother’s dulcet singing. 🔊

Last night I fell asleep listening to the dulcet sounds of soft jazz. 🔊

The candles and the piano player’s dulcet music made the restaurant appear very romantic. 🔊

As soon as Paige heard the dulcet sound of the flute, she knew she wanted to play the instrument. 🔊

Everyone enjoyed listening to the singer’s dulcet voice. 🔊

By eight o’clock, the sounds of traffic were drowning out the dulcet bird chirps. 🔊

I was lulled into a fake world by the hypnotist’s dulcet voice. 🔊

When Jackie was ill, her mother often sang a dulcet song to soothe her. 🔊

A kind woman with a dulcet voice answered the psychiatric helpline. 🔊

Unlike my teenage son who enjoys rock music, I prefer the dulcet tones of instrumental tunes. 🔊

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