Farcical in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Farcical

bizarre or outlandish

Examples of Farcical in a sentence

Critics described the farcical play as an absurd piece of writing that could have only been created by an intoxicated playwright. 🔊

As we watched the farcical film, we could not help but laugh at the antics of the three comedians.  🔊

Amber has been known to behave in a farcical manner when she is under the influence of marijuana. 🔊

Because Jim is known for his farcical behavior, no one was surprised when he put up his Christmas decorations in February.  🔊

The members of the jury found it hard to believe the farcical testimony of the schizophrenic witness.  🔊

In John’s farcical one-man show, he plays several characters while engaging himself in unusual conversations.  🔊

The actor was tired of playing farcical roles and asked his manager to find him dramatic work.  🔊

During the fire drill, several students behaved in a farcical manner by jumping on top of their desks and singing.  🔊

The singer is known for his farcical songs that make fun of the original tunes on which they are based.  🔊

Since the judge did not believe the criminal’s farcical excuse about being controlled by a demon, he sentenced the man to a year in prison.  🔊

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