Quotidian in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Quotidian

everyday events that are normal and not that exciting

Examples of Quotidian in a sentence

As the days of celebration wore on, the formerly spectacular events began to seem more quotidian, and the king found himself yawning at the chariot races.  🔊

There is a precise schedule for taking care of quotidian tasks, but all your time is your own once you have completed them.  🔊

Every year Mrs. Anderson is faced with the task of taking quotidian assignments from the curriculum and trying to make them stimulating for her students.  🔊

Even though the life of rock stars may seem exciting and glamorous, the days they spend traveling while on tour are as quotidian as yours and mine.  🔊

After the excitement of decorating her new home, Janet made an attitude adjustment and got down to the quotidian chores of housekeeping.  🔊

To the eye of an artist, every object has possibilities for artistic expression, and nothing in life is quotidian.  🔊

Compared to the process of shopping for their time share, the couple found it difficult to sit through the quotidian necessity of ironing out the details in the contract.  🔊

Because Arthur has a simple quotidian talent for painting, he prefers to create art for his own enjoyment rather than exhibiting it to the public.  🔊

Emily has an admirable enthusiasm for life, and she attacks even the most quotidian of chores with energy and passion.  🔊

If you insist on using the most quotidian materials for your clothing, you will never be recognized as an important designer.  🔊

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