Encircle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Encircle

encase or enclose around

Examples of Encircle in a sentence

Police can’t determine what is happening on the sidewalk since the people tightly encircle the pair of fighters in the center.  🔊

So that the car would be trapped after the high speed chase, the state troopers’ cars would encircle the criminal’s car.  🔊

To keep the group of straws together, the rubber band would encircle the straws keeping them from getting loose.  🔊

When the robber was in the house, the police officers decided to encircle the house with ten officers so the robber would get caught no matter how he left the house.  🔊

In order to show the correct answer, the student would encircle her answer choice to each question on the worksheet by drawing a ring around it.  🔊

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