Sequent in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sequent

consecutive or something that is next

Examples of Sequent in a sentence

When the old woman finished her transaction with the bank teller, the sequent person in line was waved up to the next teller.  🔊

Dr. Humphreys stated that the sequent step to having Bobby’s stitched hand to heal is to come back to the office to have the stiches removed.  🔊

Once season 2 of the popular reality show ended, the sequent cast was already selected for the third season.  🔊

The three young children kept the television on the same channel since the sequent television show was their favorite.  🔊

Typically, a parent will spank a child for a wrongdoing and the sequent result will be the child wailing and crying.  🔊

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