Forbearance in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Forbearance

the act of not enforcing a claim or action

Examples of Forbearance in a sentence

The forbearance will allow Jeff to delay his jail time until after his mother dies. 🔊

The police officer showed forbearance when he let the young thief off with a warning.  🔊

Throughout the forbearance, Gina did not have to make a payment on her debt. 🔊

The government forbearance allows teachers who teach in depressed areas to have forbearance on their student loans.  🔊

Because Joan lost her job, she is going to request forbearance so she can pay her debts when her finances are stronger.  🔊

The local bank will use forbearance in its agreements with homeowners whose properties were destroyed by the hurricane.  🔊

Since Marie was ill and temporarily unable to work, the bank officer granted her forbearance on her car loan.  🔊

As a courtesy, the wounded soldier was awarded forbearance on the repayment of his loans.  🔊

Under the terms of forbearance, Mitch does not have to make a loan installment for six months.  🔊

The bank is extending the retired schoolteacher’s forbearance so she can keep her home.  🔊

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