Entitlement in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Entitlement

the right to a privilege or benefit

Examples of Entitlement in a sentence

Since Lily already had the puppy before her relationship with Fred, she knew she had entitlement to the puppy after they broke up.  🔊

With a gun and a badge, the rookie deputy issued ten times more tickets than anybody else due to his feelings of entitlement due to his powerful position.  🔊

The spoiled girl’s sense of entitlement to any object in sight resulted in her inability to make friends.  🔊

After experiencing a brutal beating from the school’s bully, Bob’s entitlement to a safe education seemed absent to him.  🔊

Because each member of her family already had at least one doughnut, Karen felt an entitlement to the last glazed doughnut in the box.  🔊

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