Quench in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Quench

to satisfy an actual or figurative thirst, or to put out a fire

Examples of Quench in a sentence

Aiming to quench her thirst, the runner guzzled down the water at full speed.  🔊

When they were finally able to quench the flames of the fire, the firefighters breathed a sigh of relief.  🔊

Although it failed to quench her thirst for a summer road trip, the mini-vacation at the lake was a distraction for the avid traveler.  🔊

Unable to quench the flame on by blowing, the birthday girl laughed as she realized that her parents had bought a prank candle.  🔊

Even though intimidators continued to taunt her, the unlikely track star refused to let negative comments quench her love for the sport.  🔊

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