Established in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Established

referring to something that has existed for a long time and is therefore recognized

Examples of Established in a sentence

Italy has long been established as a country of good food, probably thanks to their donation of pizza and pasta to the world cuisine.  🔊

The United States and Russia have been long established as rivals, ever since the dawn of the Cold War several decades ago.  🔊

An established family man, Mr. Pearson is often seen as the ideal father that is always spending time with his family.  🔊

The basic laws of physics have been established for a long time, so long that they are considered irrefutable by almost all educated people.  🔊

The United States was established as one of the first bastions of democracy centuries ago, and that reputation as a prime free country still holds true even today.  🔊

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