Formation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Formation

a military arrangement of troops or vehicles

Examples of Formation in a sentence

The fighter jets flew in an arrow formation so they had enough space between them to maneuver if an emergency arose while in-flight. 🔊

In ancient times, Roman infantry would march in a specific formation so they could link their shields and form an impenetrable defense. 🔊

A military convoy is a simple formation, but the closely moving line of vehicles is designed to ensure that no other vehicles can get between them. 🔊

The spearmen of the medieval army arranged themselves in a phalanx formation, bracing themselves for a charge from the enemy cavalry. 🔊

The Blue Angels are an elite group of pilots that fly in dangerous but exciting formations to showcase their exceptional skill, often flying so close to each other that it looks like they will crash. 🔊

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